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Customer Support is Key

Posted:June 16, 2018 | Tags: marketing, competition, pricing, Ember, customer support

First let’s get all the disclaimers out of the way. I do not work for Ember. I do not do product endorsements. This is not a product review. This is a product that I do own and will use to highlight a few product management topics.

Principle 1: The Problem

There are people that love gadgets. While there are early adopters who just love to have the newest gadgets, this is not the majority of people. Most people focus on products that solve their problems. So the product manager needs to ask...

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Alert: Yes, Pricing Strategies Are Important

Posted:July 10, 2018 | Tags: product management, pricing, moviepass

Disclaimer: Not a product reviewer or endorser. Using publically available news to highlight product management principles.

In the era of “If you build it, they will come,” the focus on market strategy is often deferred. The pricing component of the market strategy is the focus of this post. Consumers are aware of the razor model. You price the razor at a low price and make money selling the blades. There is also the pricing strategy of cost plus overhead. There are many valid pricing...

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